Emcee / Moderator


Want to have a high energy, context-perfect emcee to bring life and continuity to your major meetings?

Look no further!! It’s more than coincidence that Eileen and Emcee start with the same letter. So does ENERGY. That’s where you’ll find a real difference in your meetings.

Eileen has extensive experience emceeing events for the National Speakers Association and facilitating meetings and moderating panels for some of the largest organizations in the United States.

Eileen becomes the bridge between you, your speakers and your audience. She will set the tone for the event and keep the energy level high. She can also help with event design and theme.

Here’s what Eileen can do for you:

  • Open and close your event with energy and humor.
  • Introduce your staff, speakers and exhibitors/sponsors.
  • Handle announcements and transitions.
  • Announce and handle audience breaks.
  • Moderate panel discussions.
  • Eliminate distractions professionally.
  • Use the skills of improvisation to stay in the moment with speakers and with the audience.
  • Provide the perfect bookend from start to finish.

Please contact Eileen at 949-496-8640 with the details of your meeting and she will provide you with a custom quote for her emcee services.

Panel Moderator

There’s a ton of wisdom in your organization. Your audience wants to hear from them. Also, experts outside the organization also abound. BUT-most panels are boring, talking heads.

Eileen can make the difference.

She will work with the panel in advance to determine questions and then facilitate a CONVERSATION between the panelists. She’ll become the roving reporter in the audience, fielding questions and weaving information together. The result: everyone is heard, engaged and informed.

  • I just want you to know that you were A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You kept the audience attentive, upbeat, and engaged throughout. I was in awe of your mastery of the master of ceremonies role. You definitely get my vote for MVP of LEAD2016."
    — Jim Kouzes
    Co-author of the bestselling The Leadership Challenge, and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University.
  • What a remarkable job you did at the Country Music Hall of Fame and LEAD 2016. I heard nothing but glowing comments about your orchestration of the entire event."
    — Jack Zenger
    CEO, Zenger Folkman
  • Eileen has been my colleague and friend for decades. I do know what a great writer and speaker she is.... I've read most of her work, and have had the pleasure of hearing her deliver some of her wonderful presentations.

    What I didn't know, was how amazingly wonderful she was as an emcee! She truly wraps her arms around an audience and they love her for it. She recently was the glue that held a very large conference together. Her humor, her authenticity, and her homework made her a standout. By humor...she is amazingly great "on her feet"... she is so well read, and so able to think quickly, tickle the audience, and move the program along.

    What was outstanding was the "homework" she did to know each of the speakers that she was introducing. It was not enough to have a bio... she delved deeper and was able to get the audience excited about each speaker and she therefore paved the way for some excellent presentations because she was able to share with the audience some of the more insightful and personal aspects of each presenter.

    I was astounded at her ability to pull an audience in and "velcro" the various aspects of the conference together. She made it work, and can do the same for you!"

    — Beverly Kaye
    Founder, Career Systems International