Executive Coach / Consultant

Executive Coaching and Consulting

Speech Coaching

Just as great sports teams need coaches, so do individuals. Because speaking in public is still the number one universal fear, I help individuals make powerful, effective presentations.

I work one-to-one, with a combination of both onsite as well as video-based coaching, to help you craft the content and then home the delivery of a speech. Your success matters most to me.

  • Working with Eileen was like working with the fairy godmother of speaking…not only is she a pro and a veteran of the speaking business, her amazing energy, ideas and insight helped me craft my first keynote speech so that it was clear, concise and effective for my audience, and it turned out to be a huge success! Her mentorship and encouragement has given me the confidence to pursue speaking as an avenue that I would not have considered before, but which has manifested as an important component of my business! Thank you Eileen for your support and coaching to help me become a more confident and impactful speaker!"
    — Monique Tallon
    CEO Highest Path, Women’s Leadership & Inclusion Expert,
    Author of Leading Gracefully
  • Eileen taught me how to increase the power of my presence on the stage. By focusing on the subtle cues I was giving the audience she made spot on edits that made a huge difference in my delivery.
    — Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, PhD, CSP
  • Even though I have been in the human capital business more than 35 years, I really needed a coach for a particularly challenging presentation: a Ted-type talk before a live audience and relayed simulcast throughout the world. All senior HR leaders! Eileen helped pull precisely the right stories and worked on delivery in practice rounds. She had brilliant ideas and wonderful small and big suggestions for improvement. Eileen draws on her own experience delivering countless keynotes to countless audiences in countless countries. And she adds her own pizzazz and creativity and gives new ideas from her own creative brain...right in the moment! The speech was a success...a big success. I truly have Eileen to thank for it!"
    — Bev Kaye, PhD
    Founder of Career Systems International, Best-Selling Author

Executive Leadership Coaching

One of my clients nicknamed me “The Shadow”. For a number of months, I sat with him in meetings, observed interactions with his employees, and gave him insight into his leadership style. We also worked together on marketing ideas and promotions (from my past life in that field).

Another client used me as a sounding board for his professional and personal development.

You see—it all depends. Everyone is different with different needs. One size does not fit all. Each assignment is created with accountability built in for the specific desired result.

Just call me. We will see if it’s a fit.

Team Coaching

We offering behavioral and communication coaching, 360 degree assessment, and feedback mechanisms for executives (advisory capacity).

Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC, a Wiley Brand

Here is an assessment to open the doors of communication for everyone: The online Everything DiSC Assessment.

  • Gain insights into your own behavior and that of others.
  • Understand and appreciate the styles of the people you work with.
  • Learn how to make communication more effective.
  • Create strategies for overcoming challenges when working with people of different DiSC® styles.

Ask me how it can help bring YOUR workplace closer together!

NOTE: I work with a limited number of clients in the coaching/consulting arena. They are accepted only after an in-depth conversation and free initial consultation. Also, members of The Resiliency Group might also be brought in based upon client need.